The vision of fieldsync is to provide a connection point for the missionary and their group of senders.

From fieldsync, the missionary is able to post messages and pictures to a website without having to learn html or programming. All of the content creation and management takes place over the web, on very lean pages to take into account slower dialup speeds in the field.

The missionary can also manage their supporter email list from the web. This list will keep everyone informed when new content is put on the site.

Journal entries and photos will be collected and displayed on well-designed templated pages, and offer the ability to add comments, email to friends, and print copies.

A special page will be devoted to prayer requests and answers.

Funding needs can be broadcast and maybe later, online donations may be implemented in the future.

We are investigating security methods, but as anything on the web, security will mostly depend on the individual missionaries not publishing anything potentially harmful.



Contact   We could use your prayers and support as we look to the future of missions.

If you or anyone you know would like to become a fieldsync'er and have space to tell their story on this site, please contact me.

If you've got crazy skills in database-backed web development, and a passion that the gospel of Christ be shared to all the nations, most definitely drop me a line!




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